EPP India is a Franchisee to the world's leading global franchise company. They are in business since 1999 and now have 17 stores across India, with over 500 franchisees.
EPP India is an Indian franchisee of the world’s leading global franchise company. They have been in business since 1999 and are one of the leading franchisors in India.

How EPP India Got Started in the Franchise Industry?
EPP India is a franchise of an English Premier League club. It was founded in India by the founder of epp india, who wanted to create a football academy that would help Indians become better footballers and also be able to enjoy the sport.

The founder of epp india, who is also the general manager of EPP India, says that he had been looking for an opportunity to start his own business for a long time and finally found one when he saw an advertisement in The Times of India

When asked about how EPP India got started in the franchise industry, he said that it was mostly due to luck. He says that it was only after he had done some research on soccer academies in India and found out about how difficult it was for Indian kids to get access

What was EPP India's Founding Mission?
EPP India is the franchise of EPP Group, a company that has been in the business of providing services to companies since 1959.

The founding mission of EPP India was to provide a world class service to franchisees. They were also keen on increasing their presence in the Indian market.

Why did they launch their own store development platform?
Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company that provides services for online stores. They are now launching their own store development platform, Shopify Build. The reason behind the launch of this new platform is to provide their customers with a powerful toolkit for easy store development.

Shopify Build is an extension of Shopify’s existing platform - Shopify Plus. It is designed to give merchants the power to easily design and launch their own custom stores without any coding knowledge required.

The idea behind this new platform was to make it easier for merchants to design and launch their own store without any coding knowledge required. It will also help them in scaling up their business as they don’t need to hire developers and designers on a daily basis anymore.


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