Dr. Raina's Safe Hands is a multispecialty polyclinic where you can get result for the problems which are related to the life. Nowadays men have to face many sex problems due to being tired after working day to day. They're overstressed, their stress levels are very high, they're burden by the work, they're running from morning to evening in search of good jobs, carrier, home and betterment of life, they don't eat good food. What's the meaning of good food?

You should make your diet such that it should be full of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It should be in the moderate amount but about image what the new generation does is they eat enough of carbohydrates, they eat enough of sugars, they eat enough of proteins which is creating a Misbalance in the system and which leads to the serious stress and by the stress the men face number of problems when they've encounters with females.

About Doctor Vinod Raina (Best Sexologist in Delhi)

Dr. Raina's Safe Hands in New Delhi is the best for treating people suffering from latent diseases and STDs. We give 100% successful treatment of sexual dysfunction with medicine. Our assurance is based on our best pharmaceutical practices and Delhi's Best Sexologist Dr Vinod Raina who has been in the medical industry for over 22 years.

As a human being, we all know that intercourse is the most important and pleasurable activity in human life. Most of the men and women are unaware of these diseases.

Treatment Available

We Also Provided Best Treatment of Sexual Problem. Sexual Problem these types have every 1 Indian Person out of 5.

·        Erectile Dysfunction – It can also be a sign of a physical and psychological condition. This is a type of disorder that is commonly seen in people. It truly means that there is no complete erection or to come back to its state in no time. Therefore, men who do not have enough erection for sex and are unable to give pleasure of sexual life to their partner. Our first objective is to remove the disappointment in these types of men, don't be afraid, Dr. Vinod Raina is the best sexologist in Delhi.

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·        Premature Ejaculation – Premature ejaculation is a mental disorder or a common problem. Which is commonly found in males? When the activity of any sexual intercourse lasts for a minute then it is called Premature Ejaculation. It is also called early discharge or early fall, usually it is seen in men of 30 years, but sometimes due to excessive masturbation, it is also seen in 20 year old men. This is such a problem that if you do not see it in time, then you can ruin your entire sexual life. Due to this, you can face many big problems, some of which are as follows.


1.      loss of eyesight

2.    Weakness

3.    bone pain

4.    shortness of breath


·        Penis Enlargement – Penis usually range in size from 5.1 inches to 5.5 inches. If your penis size is equal to that of a normal male, it is not a problem. But if you do not know how to satisfy your partner with a short penis. Then this could be a problem for you. If you are suffering from any type of sexual problem. Then come to Safe Hands (Best Sexologist in Delhi) or you can consult online.


·        Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Sexually transmitted diseases are usually caused by those micro-organisms. Which are from human body fluids such as sweat, blood, semen, fluid in the vagina. These micro-organisms pass from infected person to healthy person through these fluids and sexual intercourse.


Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

1. Skin rash

2. Burning during urination

3. Genital ulcers

4. the most common symptom in women is abdominal pain.


·        Infertility (Male & Female ) –  The term Infertility means inability to become pregnant. This term is used when a couple has not conceived after 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse. Infertility is a common problem in today's time. According to a survey, one out of every five sterile couples has the problem of infertility. In the rest of the quarter, both the partners have problems. There can be many reasons for this as there is no definite indication for this.

·        Male sterility is usually caused by problems with sperm production or by spermatozoa.

·        There are two types of infertility in women

1.      When a couple has never conceived.

2.    When a couple is unable to conceive after conceiving

How To Reach Dr. Vinod Raina

To reach Dr.Vinod Raina, you can contact him on WhatsApp on his number 9871605858. You can also contact him on our official website:

call us 7687878787, 9871605858

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